Annie Sever-Dimitri acutely severe allergies
Margaret Lane chronic Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP), TMJ, and muscle ache
Diana Ward neck and shoulder pain, chronic fatigue, hot flush, and constipation
Mona Beesley excessive menstrual bleeding
Sara Jane Coffman initial stage of glaucoma
Laurie Rainey Schmidt facial paralysis from Bell's palsy, hypertension
Jane Narcolepsy, Depression, Paralysis
Deanna Nance Smoking
Eric Walker Headache
Dave Babcock Frozen shoulder
Beverly Lingle Foot neuroma
Mike Menke Low back pain
Deana Infertility
Denise Meniere's Disease (Dizziness, Vertigo)
Gail Smoking
Deb Brown Sciatica nerve pain
Kristina Moore Graves disease
tammy Plantar fasciitis
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